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arkansas security services contractorArkansas security services contractor license

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License test secret #1:

Understand that you must know the data needed to pass
every one of several different 100-question testings

as to be able to pass whichever is assigned to you
(so knowing only 100 questions is a waste of time!)

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arkansas security officer company license testing     arkansas guard co testtestarkansas sec company test

Security Service Contractor Licensing Qualifications:

All applicants for a manager registration must be at least
twenty one (21) years of age, and must be a high school

The company must have a registered manager, and the
manager must meet the qualification requirement which is one
of the following:

1) Two (2) consecutive years in the capacity of a
supervisor performing security related duties with
(detailed) documentation from the company that the
applicant held a supervisory position and performing
security related duties was their primary occupation
while employed with the company.

2) Two (2) consecutive years experience in a security
related field with a law enforcement agency or a branch
of the United States Armed Services.

Each Security Service Contractor and the security department
of a private business shall conduct their own training for their
security personnel and will designate to the Board a Training
Administrator. The training administrator and all training
personnel must meet the above requirements.

The applicant must take and pass the state Board exam
with a minimum score of seventy (70%) percent.

Each test is 100 questions; fill-in-the-blanks,
rules and regulations; weapons; and more.

License test secret #2:

Many test-takers do the worst on

Arkansas alarm systems company license test

Records - Employees - Legal Requirements

Studying helps prepare you for these-- and much more!

Ask about the 'special help' if you have already failed this test!

AR security company license seminar We are NOT a boring seminar!   
We are NOT a boring online prep! Arkansas security services guard company license test online
arkansas  license powerpoint We are NOT a pdf download!

PPO test issues We've heard:
"The material from the State didn't help muchl".
- or -
"The stuff the State sent me only helped me with a few of the questions".
- or -
"I have failed the license test 3 times".

Well, this is TRUE. And here's why-it-is-what-it-is.
The State is here to regulate you, NOT to educate you.

Most of the test is about knowledge you supposedly have from not only from
alarm work, but also from running a business and from being an employer.

The truth is: you do not know most of these things, causing most to fail.

Testing secret #3

Watch out for these types of answer choices:


Similar NY PI answer choices

Sometimes more than one answer choice
will look the same-- but there will be
a small difference if you look close!

Studying helps prepare you for these-- and much more!

What if they asked youwgp license exam nyabout fire sprinklers?!

Testing secret #4:

Many test-takers have a tough time
with this type of answer choices:
'Choose the BEST answer'.

Best answer

You might find questions where more
than one of the answer choices is correct.
But one choice is a little better than the others.

Studying helps prepare you for these-- and much more!

Click here for a license application for
license application
an Arkansas Security Services Contractor license:
OOPS! This link no longer works. Arkansas now requires that they mail
you an application-- and you must use a TYPEWRITER to fill in the blanks.

Call the state at 501 618-8600
(but beware: there are 'tricks' to the application process;
call us for assistance before you make the common application mistakes!)

Call us to discuss if your background should count towards this license!

BONUS: Pass with our material, website arkansas security contractor we can make you a simple webpage FREE!
(If you don't have a webpage, the public & businesses can't find you to hire you.)

WGP new test questionsstudy material for NY WGP license testWGP license test flashcards
This package includes many pages of 'giant (8 1/2'' X 11'') paper flashcards' of
security questions with answers and/or other security business knowledge!

Some of the EXACT topics of many of these 'giant flashcards' are on this page.


license testutah burg testutah burglar alarm

Now includes a 'Sexual Harassment In The Workplace' section!

Important not just because there are might be license test questions
about sexual harassment,
but also because this can be a source
of lawsuits against licensed companies and their clients.

Including datasheets of:
--What is Sexual Harassment?
--Examples of Sexual Harassment
--Methods to reduce or prevent Sexual Harassment
--What is 'Quid Pro Quo' Sexual Harassment?
--What is 'Hostile Workplace Sexual Harassment'?
--Federal government-issued information about sexual harassment
---and more!

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wgp license bonus
--copies of public-domain state & federal documents and
other items provided as a courtesy and at no additional cost to you;
some have been improved from their original presentation into better for your use! --

Our copyrighted and very thorough
Arkansas Security Services Contractor Material & Application
2017 'AR Security Contractor Company Package'


(numbered below for easy discussion if you call us!)

watch guard testnew york WGP license1. --an improved version of --

This new 2017 Arkansas Security Service Contractor license edition also
includes more than 100 pages of datasheets with photos or graphics!

w g p licensewgp questionswgp study guide2. ***--More than 100 printed study questions with verified-correct
answers, in a 'test-yourself' format
(answers are separate from the questions)***

***--and more!--***


Lots of graphics enhance our graphics for Arkansas test AR Security study material!

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WGP test questions

1. Beware of generic 'covers all states' licensing test advice!

2. OUCH! Taking advantage of excited viewers of those several exaggerated
TV shows about how cool the alarm business is, some people are making big
$$$$$ by selling 'Anyone Can Start A Great Business"-type books:
but they fail to advertise that specific paid experience in AR is required first!
Call us for the exact licensing requirements, even for application help.

We also include some

license test questions  and       test questions

idea pages, to get your thinking going!

Your connection for AR security company test help: thePIgroup.com Avoid the clowns.
Avoid the phonies. Pass the AR Security Company license test

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Nobody else has even helped 30 to pass in the last year!

Our material includes 'trigger questions' (related sample questions
that are not actually connected to any of the multiple alarm license tests,
planted within as to later prove plagiarism-- catches our competitors every time!)


Reading our printed paper Arkansas Security Services Contractor materials, over and over,
studying around your daily duties, or sitting in your car, or even while resting in bed,
is FAR more effective then trying to study on-line or at a 'seminar'.

Do one final review while parked outside the test center for your AR license test!



Arkansas security guard company license exam test

Also available are our FlashCards of vocabulary and practice license test
questions for the Arkansas Security Services Contractor license examination test.

Pocket-sized as to study anywhere you go,
they include instructions for studying them using the 'Leitner System'
(a proven way of increasing the retention of data from flash cards)
These are NOT generic garbage 'nationwide alarm' flashcards!

We hate opinion questionsopinion questionsquestions!

Some who complain about failing license tests say there was 'answers open to opinion'!

We agree-- tests should use questions of definite answers, never opinions.

What if your experience gives you a different opinion on a
question than the test writer has? YOU get it wrong then!

Studying helps to prepare you for questions open to opinion.


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Help with AR security contractor license test     Arkansas security guard companyAR security company test 

Also includes some do you know?question pages,
to stimulate your thinking;
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we instruct some research for you to do!

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Included are copies of some public-domain state and/or federal documents
and other items, provided as a courtesy and at no additional cost to you;
some have been improved from their original presentation into better for your use!

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