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Kentucky Private Investigator License Examination Test:
Kentucky PI license exam study material and practice testing questions

Updated for 2019!

Kentucky private investigator license example   Kentucky private investigator license test  study material for the Kentucky private investigator license examination

An applicant must:

Be at least 21 years of age

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Only we have this complete NEW material
for the 2024 Kentucky Private Investigator!

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State PI license testing details, Kentucky-

Private Investigator Exam
50 questions,
90 minutes,
There are multiple versions of the test

Tests administered by Schroder Measurement Technologies

This is scary:
the state will give you a 209-page recommended-topics study guide,
but it has no sample questions or tests!


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Now includes many morefederal lawsFederal law pages!

new Kentucky PI test questionsAn exciting new Kentucky PI test training option!
training by text for Kentucky private investigator license examination-by- KY PI license test license test questions by text
Also available is 'Kentucky PI license test study questions: by text'!

a series of key KY PI topic questions and answers can be sent to your own cell phone.

For those who order our packages by mail, this can 'warm them up' while awaiting delivery!

Not BS 'on-line' study or useless multiple-choice questions:
these are KY PI questions with guaranteed-correct answers, sent directly to your phone.

If your phone can't take texts, we can do this 'warm-up' to your e-mail instead.

every day

at least 2 persons nationwide two people use our help to pass testing!

sleep at computer  We are not a bunch of silly on-line 'pretend' questions.

We don't lock you to a computer to study, nor do we give you useless multiple-choice questions.

We have a hefty paper package of PROVEN study for the current Kentucky PI license test.

Study ours anywhere, whereever you go.
More than 4000 persons nationwide have used our study material to pass their license tests!

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Kentucky private investigator test     Kentucky PI testKY PI test  or, use your own shipping account.


Kentucky PI license examinattion pass/fail

Many applicants DO NOT PASS the Kentucky private investigator license examination.

Our anti-copy 'ghostKentucky private investigator license test     printing' of dark embedded-word watermarking helps us fight piracy!

evidence  new  crime scene private detective 

EVIDENCE and CRIME SCENE sections are now included.

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Need a Kentucky private investigator license application?
KY PI test
If you want to download a KY PI license application, paste this into your browser: http://kpi.ky.gov/Form%20Library/Private%20Investigator%20Company%20Application%20Packet.pdf
(but beware: there are 'tricks' and 'traps' to the application process;
call us for assistance before you make the common application mistakes!)

License fees-
Private Investigator

License: $100

Private Investigator Company,
or Patnership, or Corporation

License: $500

Branch Office
License: $50

new  Interview and inrrogation section  New section!  interrogation  new section

An Interview and Interrogation section is now included.


BONUS: Pass with our material, website for Kentucky PI license exam we can make you a simple webpage FREE!
(If you don't have a webpage, the public & businesses can't find you to hire you.)

Kentucky PI license seminarWe are NOT a boring seminar!   
We are NOT a boring online prep! Kentucky PI license test online
Kentucky private investigator license powerpoint We are NOT a crummy pdf download!
We are NOT a confusing multiple-choice prep! Kentucky pi license test multiple-choice study

Our copyrighted and detailed
Kentucky Private Investigator Study Material & Business Help
2024 '
KY Private Investigator Package'
(numbered below for easy discussion if you call us!)

Pass the licensing test in Hawaii1. --full general Kentucky Private Investigator licensing information--

HI PI licenseHI PI licenseHawaii private detective license examination Study material for Hawaii PD testing2. --Much much more!

Contact us for information about our detailed Kentucky Private
Investigator licensing, business, and test preparation packages.


Seminars, or studying on-line, is an ineffective waste of time.

Reading our printed paper 2024
Kentucky Private Investigator study materials with photos, over and over,
studying around your daily duties, or sitting in your car, or even while resting in bed,
is FAR more effective then trying to study on-line or at a 'seminar'.

Do one final review while parked outside the test center for your test appointment!

Tennessee private investigator license testOr, some choose the smaller $105 'Package B' instead!
Much smaller, but with most common topics many
who failed said they would have passed had they known!

Includes more than 100 Kentucky PI questions with full verified-correct answers,
some state-developed data pages likely to also assist in your preparation,
and the 15-page Interview and Interrogation section.

Call for the contents of this more compact assistance.

Database Company Site Inspections

PI database site inspectiondatabase company site inspection failed

Did you know that many database companies will not give you an account until you pass a 'site visit'?
They don't tell you what they are looking for, so you can't 'prepare'.

Many visits fail, and usually neither the inspector nor the database company will not tell why it failed!
It's hard to pass if you are in an office building-- but it is far harder to pass if your office is at home.

We have the secret list of what they might ask during the site visit-- and what they are secretly looking for!
Ask us to include this secret list, and we will.

Kentucky PI license test on-line computer simulated practice questions

Also available is our on-line training and simulated practice license test question
computer sessions for the Kentucky Private Investigator license examination test,
a simulator to a computer-testing environment and the time limitations to answer.
See www.thePIgroup.com/seminars.htm for more information about on-line training.

ppo license califrniafirearm questions for PPO license testppo stopping sexual harassment

Now includes a 17-page 'Sexual Harassment In The Workplace' section!

This can be a source of lawsuits against
licensed Kentucky Private Investigators and their clients . . .

Including datasheets of:
--What is Sexual Harassment?
--Examples of Sexual Harassment
--When is the Employer liable for Sexual Harassment?
--Methods to reduce or prevent Sexual Harassment
--What is 'Quid Pro Quo' Sexual Harassment?
--What is 'Hostile Workplace Sexual Harassment'?
--Federal government-issued information about sexual harassment
---and more!

From a 25-year teacher of private investigation:

Kentucky PI license test exam

WORST possible study methods:
1) seminars, and 2) studying with multiple-choice questions
(low retention percentage, too many words per actual needed knowledge)

BEST possible study method:
reading Question/Answer, Question/Answer
, Question/Answer,  . . .
(direct to memory, higher word priority)

Kentucky PI license exam

Much of this material is copyrighted: many 2024 edition pages bear distinctive colored stamps,
dark 'ghost printing' of embedded-word watermarking, hidden inclusions, and/or serial numbers!

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valuable PI phone conversation you will ever have!

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Kentucky private investigator test     KY PI testKentucky PI test  
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Kentucky PI license free consultationCall 818-883-6969 NOW! free consultation Kentucky PI license test
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If you haven't tested yet, we are experts with that too.

not againYes, we see it every year or two.

Over and over and over, yet another person who passes the license
test decides to offer 'test prep help' because he/she passed the test.

Some even took their own KY license tests only a year or two ago!

Sadly, even if they remembered every
question that was on their test,
that doesn't cover the many other versions of the test.

Their intentions are good, but that's not enough.

Your connection for KY PI test help: thePIgroup.com Avoid the clowns.
Avoid the phonies. Pass the KY PI test

Only www.thePIgroup.com has our complete
2024 KY Private Investigator license test study material,
part of a one-on-one complete new business consultation package!

We have helped more than 4000 pass their state license tests nationwide
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Nobody else has even helped 30 to pass the tests in the last year!

Updated for 2024!

We include copies of some public-domain state and/or federal documents
and other items, provided as a courtesy and at no additional cost to you;
many have been improved from their original presentation into better for your use!
Page-counts, item-counts and shipping-weights are approximate but are very close.

All specifications subject to change with or without prior notice.

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copied, sold, resold, shared, sold after purchaser's use, exploited, stored in an
electronic system, used for training of others, or transmitted in any form or by any means,
electronic, reworded, modified, mechanical, photocopy, recording, or otherwise.
It is solely intended for and sold only to applicants for this professional license.
It is expressly NOT for use, tutoring, duplication, training, adaption, or any other use by
other publishers or writers, teachers or instructors, coaching or preparatory entities,
testing agencies and certification agencies, any group use, or any government agency.
All specifications subject to change without prior notice.

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