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PI Licensing Units            PI Insurance and Bonds

PI Databases: free test searches!

PI-to-PI language translating and interpreting

Ethnic/Minority Investigators            PI License Renewal Costs

PI Associations            PI-to-PI Internet Forums

Study Material for PI Licensing Tests

PI business cards and brochures from around the world

Upcoming PI Events            PIs Who Passed Away In 2004

'Specials' and discounts from investigative-related vendors

Need to locate a PI?            How To Identify a '.com' Name

Often-needed sources for PIs            Reconstruction Software

PI Schools, Academies, Education and Training Sources

Telephone Tape-Recording Laws            Services to PIs

Polygraph and Lie Detection            Process Serving in California

Verification of Education            Private Laboratories

'Busy-Back' phone numbers            About YOUR Computer

Past Weather            Aerial & Satellite Photos

Terminology       Case-management Software

Laboratories Used By PIs (substances, paternity, DNA)

Caller ID spoof-sites            PI Databases: the master list

Sample of scanned PI business cards

FDCPA: The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

EPPA: The Employee Polygraph Protection Act

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