Utah Security Qualifying Agent Exam

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This new 2022-2023 Utah Contract Security Company
Qualifying Agent edition includes many study questions with answers,
and also has many pages of question-supporting
datasheets with photos or graphics, and much more.
And see the video below!

EXAMINATION Utah Security Qualified Agent test 2022-2023
Qualifying Agent licensing application and test information,
business consultation & license test study guide material

Utah Contract Security qualifying agent examinationutah security company license test    sample questions study material for Utah contract security qualifying agent license exam

Utah Contract Security Company Qualifying Agent
license examination test


1. In April 2022, DOPL began issuing a new
combined qualifying agent exam for both
Contract Security AND Armored Car companies.

2. Testing started being
administered by provexam.com

3. Exam and re-tests cost $78  

We are thePIgroup!thePIgroup.com 4000 members nationwide.

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Here is a short video about the
Utah Contract Security Qualifying Agent test

State license testing details, UTAH:

--2 hours


--75% required to pass

--70 different questions each test version

--there are multiple versions of the 70-question test

Did you already fail and get told this?

"We regret to inform you that you did not pass
the UT Security Officer Qualifying Agent Examination.
To acheive a passing score on the examination,
you must have had 75 correct answers.
The following table contains a strength and weakness
analysis of your performance in each of the major sections
of the examination, as indicated by the percentage of
questions in each section that was answered correctly."

License test secret #1:

Understand that you must know the data needed to pass
every one of several different 100-question tests

as to be able to pass whichever is assigned to you.

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Special insider note:

We also have study material for the guard-company
licensing tests of many states other than Utah.

So we can tell you:
Utah asks some topics that NO other state does!


70 questions, 2 hours allowed
Education and Training of Security Officers: 7 questions
Personnel Hiring and Retention
of Security Officers: 5 questions

Risk Analysis: 7 questions
Security Business Management: 11 questions
Security Officer Legal Issues: 7 questions
Supervision of Security Officers: 8 questions
Utah Laws and Rules: 20 questions
Workplace Safety and Security: 5 questions

--There are multiple Prov Exam examination locations

Northern Utah
1. Bridgerland Technical College -
Logan Assessment Center 1301 N 600 W Logan, UT 84321 (Written Only)
2. Utah State University -
Logan Career Services Testing University Inn 115 Logan, UT 84322 (Theory Only)
3. Ogden -
Weber Technology College - Ogden Business & Information Technology (3BT) 200 N Washington Blvd, Ogden, UT 84404 (Theory Only)
4. Weber State University -
Ogden Testing Services 3885 West Campus Drive, SSC #262 Ogden, UT 84408 (Theory Only)
5. Salt Lake City Community College -
South South City Testing Services 1575 State St, Room 2-187 Salt Lake City, UT 84115 (Theory Only)
6. Salt Lake Community College -
West Jordan West Jordan Testing Services 3491 W. Wights Fort Road, Jordan Health Science, Rm 054 West Jordan, UT 84088 (Theory Only)
7. Salt Lake Community College -
Westpointe Testing Services 2150 West Dauntless Avenue, Room 213 Salt Lake City, UT 84116 (Theory Only)
8. Salt Lake Community College -
West Valley Testing Services 3460 South 5600 West, Suite 120 West Valley City, UT 84120(Theory Only)
9. Salt Lake Community College -
Redwood Testing Services 4600 South Redwood Road Taylorsville, UT 84130 (Theory Only)
10. Salt Lake Community College -
Miller Campus Testing Services 9750 South 300 West, MFEC, Room 238 Sandy, UT 84070 (Theory Only)
11. Utah State University - Uintah Basin -
Vernal Testing Services 320 North Aggie Blvd. Vernal, UT 84078 (Theory Only)
12. Utah Valley University -
Orem UVU Testing Services 800 W University Pkwy, MS120 Orem, UT 84058 (Theory Only)

Central Utah
13. Utah State University -
Ephraim Testing Services 325 West 100 North Ephraim, UT 84627 (Theory Only)
14. Utah State University Eastern -
Price Testing Services
451 East 400 North Reeves Building #114 Price, UT 84501 (Theory Only)
15. Snow College -
Richfield Testing Center 200 South 800 West, Room 130 (Washburn) Richfield, UT 84701 (Theory Only)

Southern Utah
16. Utah State University Eastern -
Blanding Testing Center 200 S. 576 W. Blanding, UT 84511 (Theory Only)
17. Southern Utah University Testing Services
351 W University Blvd, 2nd floor ELC Cedar City, UT 84720 (Theory Only)
18. Dixie State University
The Professional Testing Center 46 South 1000 East St. George, UT 84770

Pluse, there are monitored options
for you to test at home instead.

License test secret #2:

Most test-takers do the worst on
These are the ones that many test-takers do bad on!

taking the UT test?

Records - Employees - Legal Requirements

Studying helps prepare you for these-- and much more!

utah security company exam

The Utah Security Qualifying Agent test might
contain questions with answers open to OPINION!

But what if your 'opinion' doesn't
match that of the test writer?!

Studying helps prepare you forUT security company license testquestions too.

We also include many non-test pages of items to assist in your business.


We obtained all exact source books that DOPL
lists as references used for part of this test!

Our team took key topics from the
exact editions used of those four books,
and we added topics from the licensing codes,
to develop this hefty package.

Testing secret #3

Watch out for these types of answer choices:


Similar UT qualifying agent answer choices

Sometimes more than one answer choice
will look the same-- but there will be
a small difference if you look close!

Studying helps prepare you for these-- and much more!

This package is nearly 700 pages and more than 5 pounds pounds!          license test
Updated for 2022-2023 !

What if they asked you obscuresecurity lightingquestions about security lighting?!

ups shipping

These additional options are often available-- ask for details:

qualifying agent utah     Utah license testsecurity test Utah

utah security test questionsalarm company test studypass the utah contract security testseminars

Also includes nearly 40 Licensing Code 'Study Statutes' sheets:
breaking down those big confusing Licensing
Codes into smaller sections, and by topic

Testing secret #4:

Many test-takers have a tough time
with this type of answer choices:
'Choose the BEST answer'.

Best answer

You might find questions where more
than one of the answer choices is correct.
But one choice is a little better than the others.

Studying helps prepare you for these-- and much more!

Utah security agent test

Included in our solid 2022-2023
Utah Qualifying Agent package,

qualifying agent Utah contract security     Utah security license examination     
you'll find an 90-question 'Stress Test'
to check your study retention!

Testing for Utah security We are NOT a boring seminar!   
We are NOT a boring online prep! UT contract security
UT qualifying agent license powerpoint We are NOT a pdf download!

PPO test issues We hear the same thing, every week:
"The material from the State didn't help at all".
- or -
"The stuff the State sent me was
only good for a few of the questions".

- or -
"I have failed the license test 3 times,
and each time it was a different test".

Well, this is TRUE. And here's why-it-is-what-it-is:
The State is here to regulate you, NOT to educate you.

They provide you information on
things that they can fine ($) you for.
They do NOT help you with the majority of the test.
It is an 'experienced-based' examination.

Most of the test is about knowledge you
supposedly have from not only from
guard work, but also from running a
business and from being an employer.

The truth is:
you do not know most of these things, causing most to fail.

AnotherACO new test questionssection:
retail security

Retail Security

Click here for a license application for
Application for UT qualifying agent
a Utah Contract Security Company license:

Applicants must have:
---at least 6000 hours of security management experience

police officer to become california PI Do you have a law-enforcement background? police detective become a CA PI

This package not only helps you with the license test,
but it also helps to 'level the playing field' for you to soon
compete with others with years of private experience.

More than half of those who have used our packages
nationwide came from a police, sheriff, or corrections career.
We have assisted from all ranks, from Officer
or Deputy and Detective through Chief of Police!

Contract security new test questionsstudy material for Utah qualifying agent license testUT contract security license test flashcards
This package includes many pages some have
described as 'giant (8 1/2'' X 11'') paper flashcards'
of security questions with answers and/or
other security business knowledge!

Some of the EXACT topics of many of
these 'giant flashcards' are on this page.

nevada private investigator license test$245

Scary  scary Utah exam  stuff!

Here's a peek from the written minutes
of a past Utah Licensing Board meeting:

"The Division has received numerous complaints about the
Utah Security Personnel Qualifying Agent's examination.

--(high) number of individuals who have failed.

--inappropriate questions and answers".

Take the Utah security company testut security questionsUtah qualifying agent license sexual harassment

Now includes a 'Sexual Harassment In The Workplace' section!

Important because this can be a source of lawsuits
against licensed guard companies and their clients.

Including datasheets of:
--What is Sexual Harassment?
--Examples of Sexual Harassment
--Methods to reduce or prevent Sexual Harassment
--What is 'Quid Pro Quo' Sexual Harassment?
--What is 'Hostile Workplace Sexual Harassment'?
--Federal government-issued information about sexual harassment
---and more!

Anothersection, 30 pages:
utah security agent personnel
Hiring and Retention of Security Officers

Utah contract security licensing testUtah license examinationUtah security qualifying agentl license examination


" I heard a license test might ask questions about fire extinguishers?"
I just want to do security work and bodyguard work!"

"Because fire prevention or fire stopping is part of an overall security plan,
all security professionals should at least know the basics."

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We break that confusing licensing code into 40 topic-based pieces.

Call for your UPS tracking number TWO HOURS after we receive and process your order!

Utah Contract Security license bonus
--copies of public-domain state & federal documents and other items are
part of this package and provided as a courtesy and at no additional cost to you;
some have been improved from their original presentation into better for your use! --

Complete licensing statute study sections and more are in the 3 chrome rings at center;
topic study pages are packed loose-leaf into the front & rear pockets!

AnotherUtah study questions qualifying agentsection:

Risk Analysis and risk assessment Procedures to Reduce Risk

AnotherUtah private security contractorsection:

Pass the Utah Security Qualifying Agent test

pass the utah security license testlicense exam for NY watch-guard-patrol agency

Our copyrighted
Study Material & Business
'Utah Security Officer Qualifying Agent Package 2022-2023'


(numbered below for easy discussion if you call us!)

This new 2022-2023 UT Security Company Qualifying Agent edition
also includes many pages of datasheets with photos or graphics!

test for wgphow to pass the wgp license testpass the wgp testNY PI license test datasheets1. ***--Many supporting pages of datasheets of questions
and answers and/or data, with graphics or photos to help you retain their own information.
These are often refered to as 'Giant (8 1/2'' X 11'') Paper Flashcards'!
(Many are test topics or 'tricks of the trade' or procedures that most new owners don't know)--***

*** 2. --and much more!--***


Lots of graphics enhance our graphics for Utah Qualifying Agent test UT license study material!

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valuable testing conversation you will ever have!

WGP test questions

Beware of generic 'covers all states' security licensing test advice!

OUCH! Taking advantage of excited viewers of those several exaggerated
TV shows about how cool the bodyguard business is, some people are making big
$$$$$ by selling 'Anyone Can Start A Great Business"-type books:
but they fail to advertise that specific paid experience in UT is required first!

We also include some

license test questions   and       test questions

idea pages, to get your thinking going!

AnotherUtah test qualifying agentsection:

workplace security utah

Workplace Security

Avoid the clowns.
Avoid the phonies. Pass the Utah Security license test

Only www.thePIgroup.com has our
2022-2023 Utah Security Officer Qualifying Agent
examination study & business material package!

We have helped more than 4500 pass their state's licensing tests nationwide--
more than 300 in the past year.

We don't have every question and answer you might be tested on--
but we do have a lot of related material-- and more.

Our material also includes 'trigger questions' (related sample questions
that are not actually connected to any of the multiple UT security tests,
planted within as to later prove plagiarism-- catches our competitors every time!)


Reading our printed paper UT 2022-2023 study materials, over and over,
studying around your daily duties, or sitting in your car, or even while resting in bed,
is FAR more effective then trying to study on-line or at a 'seminar'.

Do one final review while parked outside the test center for your license test!


Simulated Testing for
the Utah Contract Security Company
Qualifying Agent examination test

Pass the UT qualifying agent

Also available is our on-line text that includes simulated practice license
test questions for the Utah Contract Security Company Agent license examination test,
a simulator to a computer-testing as it advises time limitations to answer each.
See www.thePIgroup.com/seminars.htm for more information about this option.

redundancy When we think it might help you to retain the data,
we randomly insert a second copy or a modification of an information page.


Utah contract security license exam test

Also available are our FlashCards of vocabulary and practice license test
questions for the Utah Contract Security Company license examination test.

Pocket-sized as to study anywhere you go,
they include instructions for studying them using the 'Leitner System'
(a proven way of increasing the retention of data from flash cards)
These are NOT generic garbage 'nationwide security' flashcards!


Hurricane (St. George)
473 N. Old Highway 91, Suite 6
Hurricane, UT 84737
From I-15N, take the UT-9 exit 16 toward Hurricane/Zion Natl.
Park. Merge onto UT-9/W State St toward Hurricane. Turn left
onto N 6300 W/UT-212. 473 Old Hwy 91 in Hurricane
approximately 1.5 miles past the Wal-Mart Distribution Center
(on the right side is Crocker Ventures Park) turn left into
parking lot.

North Orem (Provo)
581 West 1600 North, Suite C
North Orem, UT 84057
From US-89, turn right onto W Center St/UT-114. Merge onto
I-15 N via the ramp on the left toward Salt Lake. Take the
1600 North exit 273. Turn east onto West 1600 North. Go one
mile east.

North Salt Lake City
25 North 400 West, Suite 7
North Salt Lake City, UT 84054
(The city of North Salt Lake not Salt Lake City proper. The PSI
test site is in Davis County just north of the Flying J Refinery.)
From Salt Lake City and the South.
Merge on to I-15N. Take exit 312 and merge on to US89 North
for about 1.8 miles. Turn left onto E Center St and go west for
about .6 miles. Turn right on to 400 W.
From the North
Merge onto I-15 S Salt Lake. Take the Center St., exit 314.
Turn right onto W Center St. Turn right onto 400 W.
From I-80 East merge to I-215 North. Take the Redwood
Rd/UT-68 exit 28 and turn right onto Center Street.
PSI is on the Northwest corner of 400West and Center Street.

Sunset (Ogden)
2465 N Main Street #11C
Sunset, UT 84015
From I-15 S, take the UT-97 exit-338- toward Clinton/Roy/
Sunset. Turn right onto W 5600 S/UT-97. Turn left onto S 1900
W/UT-126. Continue to follow UT-126.

Additionally, PSI has examination centers in many other
regions across the United States. You may take this
examination at any of these locations by calling
(800) 733- 9267. You will need to speak with a
Customer Service Rep to schedule a test outside of Utah.

AnotherUT security agent new test questionssection:

study guide Utah security qualifying agent
Security Officers and Workplace Injuries

We also haveused Utah security booksTHE books!

We often have in stock extra copies of some or
all of the exact books listed as source material.

Exact same titles. Exact same years. Exact same editions.

Ask us for current availability and current prices on them.
These books do NOT come with our study package.

utah armored car license

BONUS: now also includes
'armored car company' data too,
as in 2022 DOPL combined the tests.

Call (818) 883-6969 for more information

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utah contract security     utah security testutah security examination 

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We also include copies of some public-domain state and/or federal documents
and other items, provided as a business courtesy and at no additional cost to you;
some have been improved from their original presentation into better for your use!

scratch paper   Call us for the 'details' about the colored
piece of scratch-paper you can be issued at the test!  818-883-6969

WGP license free consultationCall 818-883-6969 NOW! free consultation wgp license test

Call (818) 883-6969
or e-mail to

for prompt assistance! 6/2022

We hate opinion questionsopinion questionsquestions!

Some who complain about failing this test say there was 'answers open to opinion'!

We agree-- tests should use questions of definite answers, never opinions.

What if your experience gives you a different opinion on a
question than the test writer has? YOU get it wrong then!

Studying should help to prepare you for questions open to opinion.

Also includes some do you know?and opinionquestion pages,
to stimulate your thinking and study;
and instead of giving you the answers to them,
we instruct some research for you to do!

All specifications subject to change with or without prior notice.
Page-counts and shipping-weights are approximate but are very close.
Send a money order or send a check;
but we put long holds on orders paid by check
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Utah security company license test

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nevada private investigator license test$245

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If we provided you only all the pages of paper material,
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While it would have every page that the other version does,
we don't think it's a great idea. We think, actually we KNOW,
that our proper assembly into a binder with dividers and with
related items stapled together makes it a better study tool.
But because we have been asked, this is the idea.

utah qualifying agent test for contract security

red starred starred starred starred star


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Utah Contract Security Company Qualifying Agent license examination test study guide material and sample Qualifying Agent test questions